Dressage Competition at Kings Sedgemoor Equestrian Centre

The last weekend of August, gave a great opportunity to take 3 ponies to the KSEC Dressage competition. Nikki, Alice and Karen all went with Ruby, Dancer and coloured Prince. For Ruby and Dancer this was their first time out, and first ever competition, Prince almost acted as a 'nanny' to give the two young horses confidence traveling, and in the new area. It was a great day for all, Ruby who has been broken in by us, came in during the summer as a 5 year old having done nothing. Has exceeded all hopes, loaded and travelled well, did extremely well in her first ever walk and trot test and came forth! Dancer is Alice's project for this year, it was also her first time out too. A beautiful looking horse, which I must add took a lot of cleaning by Alice, especially her feathers! Alice and Dancer came second! Well Done! Karen took Prince, he did very well also, and came third in his class! Well Done!