Full Livery
At Burcott we offer a full livery option. Your horse will be looked after by us completely. Feeding, mucking out, turning out, catching up etc will all be done by Burcott. All stables have rubber mats, and there is a choice of bedding-shavings or straw. Haylage and hay are used-hay can be soaked. A wide range of feedstuffs are kept but specialist supplements must be provided. Horses are turned out for some part of the day for 3/4 of the year. In winter they are stabled at night and in summer you may like to have your horse out at night. In the worst of the winter weather we will turn your horse out in our chip pen or put the horse on the horse walker, whichever you prefer. Farriers visit the yard each week. You may use our vet or your own. We have r visits from the dentist.

Costs - please ring for up to date costs.

Working Livery
Working livery suits the busy owner or someone on a tighter budget. In return for using your horse to teach lessons on we will look after it just as we would a full livery. We are careful how many times we use your horse and who rides it. There is usually no problem with when you want to ride your horse yourself. You get discount off lessons whether private or group.
Cost: £60 - £75 a week depending on the size of the horse and work
£55 a week for ponies.

Breaking and Schooling Livery
We also offer Breaking and Schooling Livery. Costs start from £185 a week for horses and £165 a week for ponies. For more details and to see some of the many horses we have broken in click here.

Please contact Nikki Stephens email: andrews50@sky.com for further information regarding your livery requirements.