Breaking & Schooling

You can have your horse professionally broken or schooled at Burcott. We have excellent facilities for breaking as we have two round pens and the canter track for initial long reining work. You may visit your horse at any time and to see them work. If you plan to ride the horse yourself we make sure you are confident and can manage before the pair of you go home. We can also do home visits if there are any little problems. Horses and ponies are also taken for short or long stay schooling visits. Putting some polish on, for instance on the flat or teaching horses to jump is not a problem. You may want your horse to compete or just get used to working in company.

Cost: start from £165 a week for horses and £150 a week for ponies.

Please contact Nikki Stephens email: for more information. 


Case Studies

Meet some of the horses and ponies we have broken in and see what they are up to now.